In our technology-driven era, there is an ever-increasing hype around artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. The truth is simple: machine learning uses programming techniques to process large amounts of data to extract insights.
If you’re a senior executive in a commercial function or a decision-maker in any company, it is paramount that you learn and understand the benefits of revenue growth management.
Ahh, coffee, the morning ritual of getting a hot cup of joe, is a scene that plays out across North America day after day. The coffee market is worth billions of dollars annually in the US and Canada and is known for its highly variable margins. As a proud Canadian who frequently travels to the US,...
Revenue Growth Management is a core capability for any company... You either take it seriously as a key business pillar or you’re left with a significant gap.
Throughout my years working in revenue management (RM), I’ve found that there are three key revenue management pain points that all professionals in this space experience:
One industry that has seen a massive surge in demand is food delivery, facilitated by apps like Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Skip the Dishes, among others.
Implementing pricing analytics can be broken down into three main areas: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.