Webinar | Understanding and Assessing the Latest Pricing Models

Webinar | Understanding and Assessing the Latest Pricing Models

This webinar aired live on February 14, 2024. Below is the recording of the live event.

Pricing models have evolved significantly from the basic cost-plus model, and offer innovative ways of capturing value. But how can you determine which pricing model will drive the most revenue for your organization?

In session 3 of this webinar series, Michael Stanisz from Revenue Management Labs is joined by Kelly Rue, Director at Alexander Group, to discuss the evolution of pricing models from the traditional to the more innovative approaches like dynamic, subscription, and outcome-based pricing.

These experts will guide you through:

  • The evolution and impact of modern pricing models
  • Pros and cons of various pricing strategies
  • Identifying the right model for your revenue growth
  • Transitioning from fixed to flexible pricing models
Michael Stanisz


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