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Customer-Centric Pricing Strategy

Our pricing experts unlock the true value of your services to price effectively and capitalize on potential revenue.

Understand Your Customers to Grow Revenue Sustainably

Assessing the value, you bring to your customers and standardizing your pricing are crucial to optimizing price structures. Our expertise in business services helps our partners build organizational confidence and alignment in pricing strategy. We implement a performance assessment system and use advanced analytics to identify gaps and areas for opportunity.

Optimize Price Structure on Value

Increase Win Rate and Profit in the Bid and RFP Pricing Process

Negotiate More Effectively with Established Customer terms and Discounting Guidelines

Performance Assessment System to Track Revenue

Pricing Benchmark Report for Business Services

What differentiates a high performing company in business services? Our report lays out pricing insights from over 500 executives in North America and Europe that transform pricing performance and drive revenue growth. 

We Solve your Business Services Pricing Challenges

Our pricing experts have first-hand, industry experience in challenges faced by companies in the business services space.

Low Data Availability

Formulate Win Probability Projections

We help companies leverage bid data to develop a win probability model based on price sensitivity of different customers and determine the optimal price.

Identify Potential Opportunities

We enhance the quality and relevance of data and unearth potential business growth opportunities through conducting workshops and interviewing key stakeholders.

Price Variation due to Ad-Hoc Decisions

Standardize List Prices

Our pricing experts establish a standardized list price for all customers accompanied by clear discount guidelines by customer segment.

Product Mix Optimization

We design offers and bundles to improve customer engagement through increasing the value perception.

Increasing Pressure to Meet Customer Demands

Align Pricing with Customer Willingness to Pay
We assess the value delivered by your services, using customer-focused groups and interviews, and compare with competitive alternatives to set pricing aligned with customer willingness to pay.
Return on Investment Assessment

We establish a systematic process to assess the performance of discounts and evaluate the net margin impact to facilitate a deeper understanding of pricing execution effectiveness.

Client Case Study

A market leading waste disposal company was seeing declining net sales per customer even in face of overall volume growth. Revenue Management Labs reviewed assessed their existing pricing structure and discovered revenue opportunities in standardizing discounting.


We’ve analyzed the global economic and geopolitical trends, how they impacted pricing strategy, and provided recommended actions to drive more revenue.

Winning bids is becoming even more challenging for B2B companies as clients become more adept at procurement. We discuss how to win bids without making concessions that cut into your margins.

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Latest Insights on Pricing Strategy for Professional and Business Services

2024 Business Services Pricing Benchmarks

2024 Business Services Pricing Benchmarks

Explore the 2024 Business Services Pricing Benchmarks report for in-depth insights on pricing performance, revenue growth, and strategic targets within the business services industry. Based on a survey of over 500 executives, this report highlights key trends and best practices to help you optimize your pricing strategy and achieve higher profitability. Discover how top-performing companies set and surpass their pricing and revenue goals.

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Executive Pricing Survey Results

We will cover the full results from our 2024 Executive Pricing Survey. See how you compare to your competitors both in past performance and for 2024 pricing strategy.