Understand the importance and impact price visibility has to drive the top line while getting practical insights into how to achieve price visibility.
Now that you have a basic idea of what “machine learning” actually means, the next question to ask is how you can use machine learning to overcome some of the hurdles that a company faces when coming up with an effective pricing strategy.
In order to increase volume, businesses commonly jump to implement the seemingly quick fix of dropping the price. Although it might work short term, in most cases, it does not offer long-term sustainability in your pricing strategy.
Microsoft recently attempted to join the club of other subscription-based companies like Netflix and Disney+ trying to take a price increase on its Xbox Live Gold platform.
Although the circumstances around COVID-19 have complicated the management of your portfolio, it is essential for you to consider the 4 key factors that will have a major impact on your revenue: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
The accelerating shifting sands of streaming revenue got me thinking, “What is the best value for the dollar?” There is a lot going on in the streaming space and sometimes I find myself at a loss for what to watch or even where to find it.
Despite the uncertainty, there are practical reflections from 2020 that can help get many businesses ahead in 2021, whether that looks like recovering a damaged financial statement or accelerating an already revving profit engine.