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Mix Management

Mix management is the process of optimizing your portfolio’s price structures to maximize profitability. Using a data-first approach tested in all levels of portfolio complexity, our experts in mix management identify opportunities to influence what customers buy and shift to the options with the most profit. 

Incentivize Customers to Purchase More

Effective mix management requires a deep understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and competitive landscape. At Revenue Management Labs, our pricing experts use advanced analytics and proactive mix management strategies to drive customer willingness to pay. Our results speak for themselves – we routinely see increases in revenue of 8 to 12% from optimizing your portfolio mix.

Drive Profitability with an Enhanced Portfolio

Mix management is crucial to identifying what offers to include in your portfolio and continually adapting them to changing market conditions.

Target Portfolio to Increase Willingness to Pay

We closely analyze your portfolio to identify revenue opportunities that can include whitespaces, optimize price gaps, bundling, and others.

Protect Your Profitability

Through careful analysis and targeted measures, we safeguard your revenue streams, minimizing the risk of internal competition, customer trade-down to lower-priced options, and margin erosion.

Equip Sales to Win with the Right Offer

With an optimized price structure, your sales force can effectively target offers to each unique customer segment and foster long-term customer relationships.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Customer-centric pricing structures meet diverse preferences and increase perceived value, contributing to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Solving your Pricing Challenges

Data Limitations

Insufficient data granularity can hinder a business’s ability to discern whether fluctuations in margins are caused by rate, volume or mix factors, and complicate the process of extracting the necessary insights for corrective actions.

Insufficient Use of Mix Management

Relying solely on price increases to improve EBITDA is an unsustainable practice. Opting for cross-selling and up-selling to cultivate a more favorable mix sustains and improves perceived value of the product or service and is, as a result, easier to implement than a hard price increase within increasingly sophisticated procurement departments.

Ignoring Changing Customer Purchase Preferences

Monitoring and adapting to evolving customer purchase preferences ensures your product mix is continually optimized.

Addressing Portfolio Whitespace

Staying attentive to industry dynamics and innovating to create offerings that capture unaddressed market demands is a crucial revenue growth driver.

Client Story
A battery supplier was seeing volume growth but negative profit mix and decreasing overall margins. Through the right channel pricing strategy, the battery supplier increased their margin by 1.8%.

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Our Capabilities

Pricing Due Diligence

Assessment & Evaluation

Our revenue consultants quickly assess potential investments and current pricing processes to identify quick wins.

Pricing Roadmap

Assessment & Evaluation

Our pricing experts prioritize and identify short to long-term opportunities to advance your corporate goals with a clear path forward.

Value Creation

Strategy & Implementation

We build your customized pricing strategy and plan of execution to focus on real-world impact on your revenue.

Our Related Expertise

Aligned Price Optimization

Optimized pricing is the most effective lever to drive long-term revenue growth

Unlocking pricing potential and organizational confidence go hand in hand. We build the pricing strategy cross functionally so we can ensure it is fully informed, feasible and can be quickly aligned.

Data-Driven Discount & Promotion Strategy

Strategic discounting is the fastest way to improve margins

We help businesses understand the effectiveness of their investments and reliably forecast returns with our data-driven and advanced analytics approach to strategic discounting. The results are improved margins and improved customer perceptions of value and price.

The key to successfully manage mix is to understand the true value drivers for customer segments and how much can be changed for each of those values.

Latest Insights on Discounting and Promotions

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