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Identify and Act on Opportunities in the Moment

Consumer needs are constantly evolving and keeping on top of those changes is both difficult and critical to outperform competition. Our experts help businesses in consumer-packaged goods identify opportunities in real-time to increase market share, revenue, and total profitability.

Counter Competitive Actions in Real Time

Speed and access to meaningful market data differentiates high performing companies in the consumer-packaged goods space. We use advanced analytics to evaluate market trends as they happen, pinpoint drivers and their impact, then to develop business strategies with real impact on the bottom-line.

Align Retail Prices with Customer’s Willingness to Pay

Grow Shelf Space with Enhanced Portfolio Offering

Maximize Share of Margin Pool across the Chain

Deliver Targeted Volume and Margin Gain with Promotions

We Solve your Pricing Challenges for Consumer Goods

Our pricing experts have first-hand, industry experience in challenges faced by companies in the consumer-packaged goods space.

Adapting in Real-time to Changing Customer Needs and Trends

Competitive Pricing Strategy

We empower you to adjust pricing strategy dynamically to ensure competitiveness of top Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and maintain shelf space.

Product Mix Optimization

Our pricing experts conduct white space assessment to track shifts in consumer behavior and identify price and pack opportunities.

Volatility in Input Costs

Navigating Input Cost Variability

We implement a proactive approach to monitor and understand sharp shifts in input costs and ensure timely price adjustments to maintain sustainable pricing.

Strategic SKU Management

Rationalize SKUs to improve production efficiency, reduce costs from inventory and changeover.

Constant Pressure from Partners for more Trade Support

Intelligent Program Structure

Reevaluate program structures to incentivize desired behaviors for growth, shifting focus from historical performance payments to driving ongoing growth.

Strategic Category Assessment

We establish a systematic process to assess the performance of discounts and evaluate the net margin impact to facilitate a deeper understanding of pricing execution effectiveness.

Optimizing Promotional Investments

We give you the tools to identify the most effective promotional programs and shift your spend for maximum gain through conducting a thorough return on investment assessment of promotions based on true volume and margin gain, and reassessing regularly.

Customer Case Study

A frozen desserts company saw a consistent decline in profits over five years and undertook a re-brand strategy to regain competitiveness. They engaged Revenue Management Labs to identify the correct price position in the market.

Real-time pricing is ideal for goods and services that have continually fluctuating demand. Understand the various dynamic pricing strategies and where most companies fail.

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