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Clear Pricing Strategy to Navigate Change Confidently

We align pricing strategy with the stage of your product or service life cycle and focus on growing your sales sustainably.

Driving Profitability in Rapidly Evolving Environments

In an industry where your products and services are shaping the future, a clear pricing structure is crucial to translate to customer value, counter low switching costs to competition, and ensure research and development investments are recouped. Our cross-industry expertise helps software and technology companies derive pricing insights that grow long-term revenue and margins, drive customer acquisition, and ensure overall success.

Increase Customer Acquisition and Margin per Customer with Targeted Price Offers

Reduce Margin Leakages with Standardized Offers Based on Customer Value

Target Investment in Revenue Growth Activities that Drive Profitability

Differentiate Offerings through Pricing

Pricing Benchmark Reports for
Software and Technology

What differentiates a high performing company in software and technology? Our reports lay out pricing insights from over 500 executives in North America and Europe that transform pricing performance and drive revenue growth. 

We Solve your Pricing Challenges in Software and Technology

Our pricing experts have first-hand, industry experience in challenges faced by companies in the software and technology spaces.

Evolving and Dynamic Landscape of Technology

Align Pricing with Engagement Levels

We support companies with usage-based pricing models to ensure pricing is aligned with engagement levels in the face of evolving technologies like AI.

Dispersion in Pricing Models

We address regional and customer differences through strategic pricing models that are consistent, and value based.

Tackling High Churn Rates

Quantify Customer Price Sensitivity

We help you understand customer price sensitivity to guide price recommendations and retain customers.

Optimize Pricing Structure

We recommend pricing changes based on customer value and willingness to pay and include a tailored discounting structure to customer segment to empower sales with the information they need to close and maintain consistent pricing.

Multiple and Diverse Pricing Models

Prioritize Price in Product Lifecycle

We help your company integrate pricing strategies into the product lifecycle.
Solution: Focusing on pricing from the outset, considering long-term sustainability, and avoiding short-term KPI prioritization.

Understanding Unique Buyer Needs

We tailor offerings to meet specific needs, considering bundling options, and emphasizing value to create a customized pricing approach.

How to drive revenue growth in software? We looked at the top 2024 pricing trends for software companies and provide concrete actions for you to improve your pricing strategy.

Customer Case Study

A software company was experiencing flat revenue growth over the past three years. We employed mixed-method approach to drive an immediate increase in revenue just six months after implementation.

We have created this guide to SaaS pricing strategies and software pricing models commonly see across the industry. Read the article to get an in-depth discussion of the benefits and drawbacks to each of the pricing models.

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We will cover the full results from our 2024 Executive Pricing Survey. See how you compare to your competitors both in past performance and for 2024 pricing strategy.