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Discount and Promotion Strategy

Strategic discounting and effective promotions are the fastest ways to improve margins. Our pricing experts empower your team to implement effective discount strategies that engage customers and drive incremental sales.

Advanced Analytics to Increase Returns

Two thirds of promotions and discounts fail to generate a return. Advanced analytics by Revenue Management Labs uncovers margin leakages and revenue opportunities. Our data scientists analyze interaction (elasticity), competition, and financial impact to reach your corporate targets.

The Fastest Way to Improve Margins

Data-driven discounting and promotions strategy use real-world insights to identify margin opportunities and eliminate leakages.

Grow Sales Volume and Marketing Share

Set and reach sales and marketing share targets with strategic discounting and promotions.

Improve Customer Value and Price Perception

Align discounts and promotions with perceived value.

Empower Sales to Discount Effectively

We support sales with clear guidelines to balance sales growth and brand perception of your products or services.

Eliminate Customer and Channel Conflict

Our data-first approach to discounting and promotion aligns all stakeholders and supports excellent customer experiences.

Solving your Pricing Challenges

Promotion Cannibalization

Ineffectively planned promotions can unintentionally attract customers who are already loyal or willing to pay the regular price, failing to achieve the goal of expanding the customer base or stimulating incremental sales.

Unclear Promotion ROI

Recurring promotion campaigns are often implemented without a clear understanding of which programs yield optimal incrementality for net revenue and overall return on investment.

Runaway Discretionary Discounting

Discounts can manifest in subtler ways beyond direct reductions off posted price such as purchase incentives, rebates, fee waivers, loyalty programs, or mix-and-match bundling. Understanding these forms of discounting is necessary to understand true profitability of a customer.

Overreliance on discounting as a Sales Lever

When sales teams over-rely on discounting as the main tool to sell, it can result in the commoditization of the product or service. Over time, this can eventually depreciate the product’s value, condition customers to anticipate discounts, and cause a decline in overall profit margin.

Channel Conflicts

Undisciplined discounting can lead to pricing conflicts between different sales channels and can result in customer confusion, operational inefficiencies, brand dilution, and channel partner discontent.

Client Story

A software company faced stagnant revenue growth over the past few years. They engaged Revenue Management Labs to assess their pricing structure and develop a pricing strategy to drive revenue growth.

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Our Revenue Management Services

Pricing Due Diligence

Assessment & Evaluation

Our revenue consultants quickly assess potential investments and current pricing processes to identify quick wins.

Pricing Roadmap

Assessment & Evaluation

Our pricing experts prioritize and identify short to long-term opportunities to advance your corporate goals with a clear path forward.

Value Creation

Strategy & Implementation

We build your customized pricing strategy and plan of execution to focus on real-world impact on your revenue.

Our Related Expertise

Aligned Price Optimization

Optimized pricing is the most effective lever to drive long-term revenue growth

Unlocking pricing potential and organizational confidence go hand in hand. Our team focusses on building cross-functional alignment on a pricing strategy that generates the maximum revenue while retaining customers and growing your base.

Customer-Targeted Pricing Mix Management

Increase your customers’ willingness to pay with targeted mix management

We find the right synergy between customer satisfaction and increasing the profitability of your portfolio. Our proactive mix management strategies increase revenue on average by 8-12%.

How do you choose the optimal discounting strategy? In this article we address different models of discounting strategies and when to use each.

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