Industry Experience

Our pricing experts offer a client-centric approach backed by extensive industry expertise. Each engagement is informed by hands-on involvement in diverse ­functions, sectors, and geographies.

Business Services

Our analysis of market competitiveness and customer perceptions enables business service companies to unlock the true value of their services to price effectively and increase their win rate.

Consumer Packaged Goods and Consumer Goods

We help consumer goods companies stay on top of quickly evolving consumer needs and identify opportunities in real-time to increase total margins and market share and total profitability.

Life Sciences

We equip companies in the life sciences sector with the data-driven insights they need to navigate a complex go-to-market environment and drive profits.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Our expertise helps manufacturing and distribution companies move past commoditization, increase low margins, and capitalize on their competitive advantage for sustained revenue growth.

Private Equity and Principal Investors

We focus on driving top-line growth and margin enhancement for private equity firms throughout the investment cycle.


We work closely with software and technology companies to align pricing strategy with product lifecycles to drive sales in a dynamic environment.

With industry and consulting experience, we understand what clients truly require – solving real-world pricing challenges with actionable strategies.

Our Capabilities

Revenue Management Labs has the industry-leading expertise for faster development and implementation of your pricing strategy.

2024 Pricing Benchmark Reports

Revenue Management Labs commissioned a survey to uncover pricing trends and strategy from leaders. The resulting business insights will help organizations improve pricing performance and drive revenue growth. 

Grocery store with consumer packaged goods
Explore how rising consumer price sensitivity and economic pressures are reshaping the CPG industry in 2024. Understand the importance of strategic pricing, revenue growth management, and direct-to-consumer models to navigate challenges and leverage opportunities for profitability and customer loyalty.

Industry Insights from Our Experts

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Executive Pricing Survey Results

We will cover the full results from our 2024 Executive Pricing Survey. See how you compare to your competitors both in past performance and for 2024 pricing strategy.

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