We See Revenue
Management Differently


Our unique capabilities allow us to work smarter to help you maximize your revenue. Our team of revenue growth consultants will provide you with customized pricing solutions individualized for your company. Our specialized process analyzes your industry's evolution with top-of-the-line technology to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses in the same sector. Ultimately, this analysis leads to the development of your result-driven pricing strategy.

Our thorough industry analysis will facilitate a deeper understanding of the growth drivers that could significantly impact your business. The wide range of tools and strategies we utilize to perform this research fit various industries to ensure our pricing solutions work for multiple businesses and produce noticeable profits.

We will create customized pricing solutions for your company to solve pricing challenges, which will result in your organization's growth. Our pricing strategy consultants understand how to create a result-driven strategy customized for your business. Subsequently, you can sustain your company's growth and facilitate future improvements.

RM frameworkV2

The Balanced Revenue Management Framework

The best way to set prices is to use a balanced revenue management framework that incorporates the three key stakeholders at an organization: Finance, Sales and Marketing. In our experience, using a balanced RM framework can help companies outperform individual pricing strategies by as much as 70%.

Our Capabilities

We have a wide range of capabilities that allow us to create customized pricing solutions for numerous businesses. Our strategy involves a multi-step process that enhances our understanding of your industry needs and business goals. By developing a deeper knowledge of your objectives, we can pinpoint which areas to target when creating a result-driven pricing strategy for your business. This enhanced understanding helps us cultivate future growth and revenue for your organization.



Develop a consistent process to formulate and execute a winning pricing strategy. Our revenue growth consultants work closely with you by discussing your company's future goals to create a customized pricing solution for your business. This strategy will ultimately promote sustainable revenue growth for the future.
Evolution Assessment

We carry out an in-depth assessment of your organization’s Revenue Growth Management maturity to understand the scope and scale of available opportunities. We create a detailed roadmap to improve internal capabilities, complete with action plans.

Customized Solutions

Customization capabilities enable your business to find the right solution for your unique needs.

Common Solutions

  • Successfully implementing price adjustments.
  • Instituting pricing guidelines across customer segments.
  • Defining the optimal discount and promotions for incremental volume uplift.
  • Minimizing channel conflict between customers.


nalytics and Tools

Utilize analytics to extract deep insights from all data assets to inform pricing actions. Our analytical process and data analysis capabilities allow us to develop a deeper understanding of your industry by examining different data points. These tools help your company develop an advantage over competitors in the same industry.
RML Difference

The RML team is made up of top-tier talent, with strong technical knowledge and industry
background with a fundamental understanding of business strategy.

Big Data Capabilities

A big data-engrained environment can support large-scale implementation and the ability to dig into minute details.

With advanced analytics, RML continues to research and develop industry-leading statistical models to drive more robust predictions and simulations.

Analyzing Revenue Growth Drivers

We offer a full suite of solutions across each Revenue Growth Management driver.

Common Tools

  • Pricing Elasticity Model
  • Pricing Engine
  • Discount Elasticity Model
  • Rate-Mix Composition
  • Tracking & Forecasting



Conduct research to understand your value proposition and gauge customer response to price changes. Our thorough research process will enable us to solve pricing challenges and create customized solutions based on well-informed decisions. These decisions will also align with your company goals and needs.
Types of Research

Some types of research that we offer include:

  • Qualitative Pricing Research
  • Perceived Value Mapping
  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • New Product Pricing Research
  • In-Market Price Tests
  • Brand Price Tradeoff Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
Solutions We Provide

Some of the solutions we provide include:

  • New Product Innovations
  • Price Change Process
  • Promotion Effectiveness
  • Price Optimization
  • Portfolio Management
  • Competitive Response
  • SKU Interaction



Equip your organization with the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully execute pricing initiatives in the market. Our training is an integral part of our customized pricing solutions, as it ensures your team can sustain your company's growth and continue on an upward trajectory in the future.
Types of Training

Measurable and Actionable

Training deliverables are customized to achieve specific objectives, with material tailored according to industry, company and role. Attendees will understand exactly how the training connects to their jobs.

Interactive and Experiential

We utilize various delivery methods and creative approaches to keep participants engaged, including:

  • Simulations
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
Team-Specific Content

Every organization has specific departments with different needs, which is why we adapt our content to fit each one accordingly.

Marketing and Sales

  • Selling in a price change
  • Developing buy-in from customers for Revenue Growth Management (RGM) initiatives

Senior Management

  • Understanding the importance of value-based pricing
  • Developing and nurturing resources necessary for RGM
  • Cultivating RGM corporate culture

Pricing/Revenue Growth Management

  • Upholding RGM best practices
  • Utilizing critical tools and analyses to drive insights
  • Implementing tools across the organization
  • RGM recruiting

Contact Revenue Management Labs for Customized Pricing Solutions

At Revenue Management Labs, we have an experienced team of revenue growth consultants who will boost your company's revenue and create sustainable growth. Our pricing strategy consultants will work closely with you to understand your industry and future business goals. By doing this, we can develop more detailed knowledge of how to help you accomplish your objectives and increase your company's growth.

We conduct thorough research with high-quality tools to target which areas can be improved with your customized pricing strategy. As a committed team of revenue growth consultants, our objective is to help you reach your company's goals and create long-term, sustainable growth. Ultimately, a result-driven pricing strategy will enable your organization to continue on its upward path.

To learn more information or schedule a session with one of our pricing strategy consultants, contact us today to get started!