Webinar | Cost-Plus Pricing: Stop Leaving Money on the Table

This webinar first aired on December 12, 2023. Please view the recording of the live event below.

Intuitively, using cost-plus to set pricing would allow organizations to keep pace with inflation and ensure long-term financial viability. The straightforward pricing model simply adds margin to costs to come up with a final price. Yet, more than half of B2B organizations failed to keep pace with inflation in this past year.

Avy Punwasee from Revenue Management Labs is joined by guest, Kyle Uebelhor from Alexander Group Inc. to speak about how using value-based pricing in place of cost-plus is essential to commercial success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cost-based pricing versus value-based pricing
  • Unlocking customer value and willingness to pay
  • Understand the competitive landscape and how that will impact pricing decisions
  • Determining the true financial value of your offering
  • Change management considerations when migrating to a value-based approach
Michael Stanisz


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