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Our consultants have the expertise in life sciences and medical technology to develop data-driven business insights that grow revenue and margins.

Practical Insights from Customer Data

Value-based pricing is a foundational to business growth in medical technology and life sciences. We help businesses stay abreast of the rapidly changing life sciences sector by applying advanced analytics to customer data. The resulting value assessment drives data- and needs-based customer segments and defines a custom pricing strategy to drive revenue growth for your business.

Optimize List Price to Customer Needs

Enable Sales to Make Better Business Decisions

Negotiate More Effectively with Discounting and Promotional Guidelines

Performance Assessment System to Track Revenue

We Solve your Pricing Challenges in the Life Sciences

Our pricing experts have first-hand, industry experience in challenges faced by companies in the life sciences and MedTech spaces.

High Investment Costs

Determining the right pricing strategy is a formidable task in a market with rapidly changing technologies and high investment costs. The dynamic nature of the market and persistent customer procurement teams demand a pricing model that accommodates ongoing investments without alienating customers.

Complex and Large Market

Large Number of Competitors

We help businesses rise above the competition and strategically differentiate themselves through crafting product and service offers that resonate with the target audience.

Complexity in End Buyers

Our pricing experts helps companies navigate the ambiguity regarding the end buyer, involving various stakeholders such as doctors, procurement teams, and insurance providers, and understand the factors influencing price sensitivity.

Dependence on Healthcare Professionals for Business Decisions

Pricing Standardization

Establishing a standardize list price for customers with discounting guidelines mitigates the uncertainty introduced by individual healthcare professionals’ influence on pricing decisions.

Performance Tracking

We implement a comprehensive performance dashboard to track the impact of business decisions on margins and understand the effectiveness of implemented strategies.

Client Story

A manufacturing was facing eroding margins despite significant sales growth. Revenue Management Labs was engaged to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their pricing structure. We increased revenue year over year by 31%.

As clients in the life sciences industry become more sophisticated in their procurement processes, price segmentation will become a significant lever to drive revenue.

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