Our Approach to Revenue Management

Revenue Management as a Service

Developing internal revenue growth management capabilities often takes longer than expected and not soon enough to meet corporate performance targets. Our team takes the risk out of revenue management while building your internal capabilities.

Revenue Management Expertise at your Disposal

While similar to consulting, Revenue Management as a Service (RMaaS) expands the breadth and depth of our engagement. Our pricing experts become a part of your team, filling the gaps in your organization whether in expertise, processes, or outdated systems. We take on the responsibility of revenue growth so you can feel confident in your strategy.

Benefit from Extending Your Revenue Growth Capabilities

Low risk and integrated, our revenue management experts are embedded with your team and at your disposal.

Seamlessly Implement Pricing Recommendations

As your dedicated resource, we work closely with stakeholders across your organization to gain alignment on pricing and implement, monitor, and adjust pricing initiatives.

Integrated Resources for Larger Scope Capabilities

As an extension of your team, we have the pricing expertise to implement methods beyond your internal capability that drive revenue.

Align Customer Needs and Pricing Strategy

Adjusting the pricing strategy to your evolving customer needs eliminates concerns around unrealized profit and supports value perception.

Counter and Outperform Competitive Strategies Faster

Addressing external risks and anticipating competitor actions in real-time and with proven data-based methods ensures sustained revenue growth.

Our Approach to Revenue Management

We follow the best practices of revenue management refined over 25+ years of combined experience. Our team transitions your organization from strategy to action, gaining alignment across your organization as a dedicated resource.

Full Project and Implementation Plan

Our team provide a comprehensive execution plan with prescriptive actions and recommendations. Included in that report is a detailed financial modeling of actions.

Insourced Implementation Team

We work as a member of your team to implement the pricing strategy and adapt it in real-time for fully optimized pricing.

Light to High Touch

Our revenue management team can act as a trusted advisor or as a fully functioning member of your team, and with the flexibility to change as your needs evolve.

Build Internal Capabilities

We assess your people, systems, and process to build a custom performance development plan tailored to your organization’s requirements.

Client Story

A frozen desserts manufacturer engaged Revenue Management Labs to address declining profits and to transition their pricing strategy to a value-based one from cost-plus. As a result, the company increased their margin by 13.2% and market share by 4%.

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Our Related Pricing Capabilities

Strategy Execution

We build your customized pricing strategy and plan of execution to focus on real-world impact on your revenue.

Price Enablement

We build up the internal capabilities of your team, and help you set the processes and systems to reach your revenue targets.

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