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We work with restaurants to develop the right pricing strategy and build pricing capabilities.

The restaurant industry is highly competitive and suffers from some of the smallest margins of any industry. Having the right pricing strategy in place can mean the difference between staying in and going out of business. Revenue Management Labs helps restaurant clients build advanced pricing capabilities by understanding customer behavior, purchasing decisions, and the competitive landscape. We work with you to quantify product demand, optimize menu/product pricing, while factoring in the contingent fluctuations in the price of raw materials, and consider cost-control measures, etc.

Addressing Your Unique Challenges


Cost Pressures on Labor and Food

Smallest Margins Of Any Industry

Achieving Top Line Growth

Revenue Growth Opportunities for Restaurants
  • Optimize menu prices
  • Promotion analysis and optimization
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Strategic guidelines

How Your Pricing Strategy Determines Your Success

The restaurant industry is known for its high operating costs and thin profit margins. Expenses for supplies, food and staff are ever-changing. To find success in this business, it’s vital to create a successful restaurant menu pricing strategy that provides consumers with the food and services they want at a price that generates a profit.

Restaurant food pricing strategies are complex, and they involve a number of factors. You’ll need to consider the demand for your services, local competition and the fluctuation in your expenses. Beyond simply raising menu prices, you have to perform a balancing act, finding prices that make sense for your specific audience, your menu items and your desired profit margins. 

If your prices don’t generate a profit, your business won’t stay afloat. But if they’re too high, customers won’t be willing to pay. Your food pricing strategy is the key that can determine your success in the long run.


Finding the Right Restaurant Pricing Strategy

Restaurant menu pricing is an ongoing process that takes time, analysis and some degree of trial and error. Constant analysis of your menu items will help you determine which listings create the most demand. Once you’ve determined your bestselling dishes, you can design a menu pricing strategy that emphasizes your strengths.

While no two restaurants are exactly alike, market research is also valuable for determining your pricing strategy. You’ll want to look at your competitors to determine what’s available to customers elsewhere and how you can help your restaurant stand out from the crowd. Market research will also tell you what pricing your local market can bear, which will set the tone for your own menu pricing strategy.

Creating a solid pricing strategy relies on knowing both the actual value of your menu items and the perceived value you deliver to your guests. You need prices that will exceed your operating expenses to produce profits, but if you add value to the dining experience in other ways, you can more comfortably create even larger profit margins.

Once you’ve determined your value, your strengths and what your market will bear, you can talk a look at different pricing models to determine which will best serve your specific needs.


Let RML Help You Create a Knockout Pricing Strategy

At Revenue Management Labs, our goal is to help businesses create sustainable strategies for ongoing success. Our team will help you collect all the necessary data and research, analyze the information and determine how to increase your restaurant profits with a top-notch pricing strategy.

RML is different from other revenue management services because we work side-by-side with your team, creating an effective pricing strategy and training your in-house team in everything they need to know to sustain your success moving forward.

Following your initial work with RML, your team will be self-sufficient and able to maintain growth. As your expenses and profits change over time, your team will be equipped with the tools and skills needed to continue your analysis and strategy development to make adjustments and remain profitable.

Rethink Your Restaurant Pricing Strategy With RML

If you need to find a way to increase your restaurant profit margin, don’t just raise menu prices — think outside the box. Work with RML to create a sustainable menu pricing strategy that you can tweak over time to maintain growth.

Get started today by contacting the team at RML to schedule a free consultation or find out more about our restaurant pricing strategy services.


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