White Paper - 2024 Executive Pricing Survey

2024 Business Services Pricing Benchmarks

We analyzed the responses from our 2024 Executive Pricing Survey and uncovered actionable insights for companies in Business Services across North America and Europe.

Executives in business services provided insider information on the price increases, gross margin, and revenue growth from 2023 and their targets for 2024. We analyzed their responses and uncovered several traits the high performing companies had in common. Discover those and other insights in our Business Services Pricing Benchmarks white paper.

Some Key Insights:

  • Business Services industry in Europe had considerably higher net price realization over North America which underperformed versus inflation
  • Europe set higher revenue growth targets and surpassed them, whereas North America missed on their more conservative targets
  • Regardless of size, all companies’ 2023 revenue growth is higher than the achieved net price increase indicating increasing sales volume
  • When the C-Suite is involved in the pricing function, more ambitious targets are set leading to higher growth and net price realization

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About the Pricing Survey Methodology

Revenue Management Labs commissioned the pricing survey in late 2023 of 520 senior decision-makers, VP and C-Suite, and across more than 9 industries in North America and Europe. Business services was one of those industries and was evenly split between the two geographic regions. The respondents were required to be in companies with an annual revenue of over $100 million. All the respondents had verified knowledge of their company’s pricing strategy and financial performance.

Our questions covered past pricing and revenue performance from 2023 and the pricing and revenue targets for 2024. The questions were designed to benchmark pricing performance generally and across various industries. 

Pricing Benchmarks 2023

2023 Pricing Benchmarks

Understand how your price increases, discounts, and revenue compares to other companies' targets in Business Services.

Pricing Benchmarks 2024

2024 Pricing Benchmarks

Compare your pricing targets to other Business Services companies in your region.

Pricing Strategy

Optimize your Pricing Strategy

Review and revise your pricing strategy using the best-in-class practices of high performing Business Services companies.

White Paper

This year’s instalment of the Executive Pricing Survey provides insider information on past pricing performance, revenue growth, and 2024 targets. You will receive actionable insights, learning how the highest performing companies drive results.

We provide specialized pricing strategy for companies in business services. Explore how we can drive revenue growth
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Executive Pricing Survey Results

We will cover the full results from our 2024 Executive Pricing Survey. See how you compare to your competitors both in past performance and for 2024 pricing strategy.