Chemical Pricing Solutions


Companies in the chemical industry are looking for opportunities to differentiate and grow organically. We help clients mobilize to deliver bottom line results.​

The typical chemical firm is comprised of a portfolio of businesses, with activities across the value chain. By splitting each of the individual business units into its product line/customer groupings, Revenue Management Labs enables segmentation in pricing and increased profitability by applying different pricing strategies across the value chain to maximize value

Addressing Your Unique Challenges

Pricing for Innovation

Higher Input Costs

Value-Based Pricing

Achieving Top Line Growth


What is Price Segmentation

Price segmentation is a pricing strategy that involves setting different prices for the same product or service to distinct market segments based on customers’ ability and willingness-to-pay. This strategy has been proven to increase revenue and profitability.

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Preparing your Business for a Recession

Recessions are inevitable and difficult diagnose, let alone predict. It’s best to prepare for a recession when you are not in the midst of it. We provide a guide to how to prepare your pricing strategy for a recession.

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