The aviation industry has been at the forefront of Revenue Management (RM) since deregulation in the 1980s, and the advent of low-cost, low-fare carriers, forced them to innovate their approach to pricing optimization. We help airlines transform their business performance—from inventory control, network-wide forecasting, product maximization, origin-destination maximization, displacement costs, etc.—by sustainably delivering critical pricing solutions that drive results.

Unique Challenges

  • Employing dynamic pricing
  • Intense competition with buyers increasingly shopping/bidding online

Revenue Growth Opportunities

  • Product architecture should be tiered and differentiated
  • Maximize cross-selling and upselling through pricing based on buyer psychology and behavioural economics
  • Develop loyalty schemes that maximize the customer’s lifetime value
  • Creating and integrating dynamic pricing systems and algorithms
  • Optimizing channel strategies to increase sales of direct channels and leverage third-party channels where required
  • Improving promotions through the creation of customized offers that are delivered at the optimal time