Spotify’s Latest Price Raise: Was it a good decision? | The Pricing Weekly

We’ve taken some time to summarize the discussion if you prefer to read rather than watch.

In this video, Michael Stanisz and Avy Punwasee discuss Spotify’s recent price increases. Spotify raised the price for its premium plans in the U.S. market in July 2024, the second time in just less than a year, reflecting a newfound emphasis on pricing as a strategy. As of recording, Spotify is showing robust sales with a 20% increase in sales, a 14% rise in premium subscribers, and record profits. Despite historically avoiding price increases, Spotify is now leveraging this tactic, alongside significant workforce reductions, to enhance profitability.

How does Spotify Compare to Competitors?

Spotify’s pricing is now higher than Apple’s, with Spotify’s family plan at $19.99 compared to Apple’s $6.99, and premium plans at $11.99 versus $10.99. This indicates Spotify’s confidence in its market position and value proposition. What may happen as a result is that other players in the market such as Apple may soon follow with similar price adjustments.

Customer Communications and the Price Hikes

The video highlights Spotify’s strategic notification of price changes, applying them immediately to new users while informing current subscribers in advance. This approach sets a new price benchmark and makes existing customers feel valued. Additionally, Spotify’s introduction of new features, such as a customized DJ, enhances user loyalty despite price increases.

Customer Segments and Targeted Pricing

Spotify clearly understands their customer segments. Their student plan price remains unchanged, showing a tiered pricing strategy and matching customer willingness to pay with price. With this move, Spotify may deliver with further positive financial impacts in the upcoming quarters.

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