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In this latest episode of The Pricing Weekly, Michael Stanisz and Avy Punwasee discuss one of the standout findings from our 2024 Executive Pricing Survey:  Involving senior leadership – specifically VP-level and above – in pricing decisions has a significant impact on revenue performance. Companies that include these high-level executives in their pricing strategies see substantial improvements in pricing realization and overall sales performance compared to those that do not.

Why Senior Leadership Matters in Pricing

The survey results reveal that companies with VP-plus involvement not only perform better but also set more ambitious pricing targets. This outperformance is largely attributed to the active role senior leaders play in setting and achieving pricing goals. Unlike lower-level management, senior executives are less likely to be complacent with existing benchmarks and more likely to push their teams towards higher aspirations.

Strategic Involvement vs. Daily Decisions

A critical insight from our survey is the importance of strategic involvement over micromanagement. Senior leaders should not be bogged down with every pricing decision. Instead, they should focus on setting the overarching pricing strategy and approving key exceptions. Best practices suggest that only 15 to 20% of pricing exceptions should require senior leadership approval. This approach ensures that senior executives have the bandwidth to think strategically and drive growth rather than getting caught up in day-to-day pricing minutiae

The Three Pillars of Effective Pricing Decisions

Effective pricing decisions are built on three core pillars:

  1. Customer Understanding: A deep comprehension of customer value and perceptions.
  2. Market Analysis: Insight into market conditions and the competitive landscape.
  3. Financial Alignment: Integration of financial data to determine optimal pricing strategies.


By involving senior leadership in the pricing process, companies can ensure these elements are thoroughly considered, leading to more informed and effective pricing strategies.

Broader Implications for Organizational Success

Incorporating senior leadership into pricing decisions extends beyond immediate financial benefits. It helps these leaders gain a comprehensive view of market dynamics and customer needs, which in turn informs product development, organizational structuring, and value generation strategies. This holistic understanding enables companies to identify high-leverage opportunities and drive sustained growth.

Explore Our Survey for More Insights

Our executive pricing survey offers detailed insights across multiple industries, as well as industry-specific findings. We invite you to explore these insights further by visiting our website. Understanding the strategic role of senior leadership in pricing can equip your organization with the tools needed to outperform competitors and achieve higher sales realization.

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