Revenue Management as a Service

60% of organizations that try to implement a Revenue Management function fail to meet their growth targets within 24 months.

Knowledge Gap

Companies either do not have a Revenue Management team or their current team cannot deliver the desired results.

Process Gap

Without an adequate pricing team, company processes become broken and result in lack-of-data decision making.

Outdated Systems

The lack of data can be attributed to outdated systems where value is hard to identify and extract.

Why You Need A Pricing & Revenue Management Team

Most people are not aware of Pricing & Revenue Management, yet it has the most impact on top and bottom-line growth. A successful Pricing & Revenue Management engagement can generate a 3:1 to 8:1 return on investment, being 3.2x more effective than cost reduction and 2.2x more effective than volume growth.

How We Close The Gap

Revenue Management as a Service (RMaaS) is an exclusive service offered by Revenue Management Labs to work internally with organizations to grow top and bottom-line. While similar to consulting, RMaaS offers more ongoing support and value to your organization. As an extension of your team, there is greater capacity for a larger scope engagement, which allows you to benefit from cost efficiencies and improved synergies.

Explore our expertise below:

Specialized Knowledge

With 25+ years of Pricing & Revenue Management experience, we know how to identify high impact opportunities.

Established Process

Our Pricing & Revenue Management process is customizable for a wide range of industries and business models.

Advanced Analytical Approach

We take care of all tasks, from data cleaning to ERP implementation, so you can focus on the results.

Streamlined Accountability

We monitor ROI and other KPIs, course correcting when necessary to guarantee a low-risk engagement.

Our Established Pricing & Revenue Management Process

With stand-alone and additional modules to choose from, you get a customized solution tailored to your company’s needs. Our consulting team is also more than happy to help assess your current requirements.

Stand-Alone Modules

Base Price

  • Optimize pricing architecture
  • Quantify perceived customer value
  • Refine pricing guidelines

Promotional/Bid Price

  • Optimize discounts to drive ROI
  • Develop promotional guidelines
  • Determine optimal bid range

Controllable Expenses

  • Refine shopper marketing expenses
  • Optimize slotting expenses
  • Manage fixed marketing expenses


  • Calculate the impact of price changes
  • Determine promotional ROI
  • Identify mix changes

Add-On Modules


  • Empower sales team to justify actions
  • Develop JBP process to meet goals
  • Review sales performance

Mix Management

  • Understand different drivers impacting finances
  • Maximize WTP by segment
  • Profitably manage channel and assortment conflict


  • Develop Price Pack Architecture (PPA)
  • Explore innovation pricing
  • Identify whitespace in the market
* Standalone modules can be implemented independently
* Add-on modules are additional packages that can be included if all stand-alone packages are purchased.
The RML Difference

Revenue Management Labs strives to close the Pricing & Revenue Management performance gap by adhering to three main principles:

Insourcing Approach

We integrate ourselves into your business and work hand-in-hand with different stakeholders to drive growth.

Active Participation

We play an active role in business planning and sales reviews to ensure there is a clear roadmap for targets.

Extension Of Your Team

We will be an extension of your team, working closely and acting in synergy to drive the organizational objectives.

Partner Results Delivered

Revenue Management Labs has consistently helped our partners achieve greater results:

1 %
Improvement in velocity
1 %
Top-Line Business Growth
1 %
Bottom-Line Margin Gain

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