Private Equity & Venture Capital

We work with PE/VC firms throughout the deal lifecycle to maximize investments and grow portfolios.

Since 2015, Revenue Management Labs has worked with clients all over the globe and across major sectors to improve their return on investment at each stage of the deal lifecycle. From commercial due diligence to portfolio value creation, our specialized RML approach maximizes investments and grows business portfolios by leveraging revenue management.

Addressing Your Unique Challenges

Finding Investments

Winning Deals Against Competitors

Increasing Equity Value

Achieving Top Line Growth

How We Enable Investments

We take a revenue management perspective to PE/VC that is often overlooked by traditional firms, given the degree of expertise required.  The 5 key pillars of revenue management are:

We take a Revenue Management perspective to PE/VC that is often overlooked by traditional firms, given the degree of expertise required:

The RML Revenue Management Equation

Our revenue growth strategy first quantifies your differential value and gauge it against your current prices to identify missed opportunities.​ Once determined, we assess the volume driving investments companies are making and optimize it to increase incremental growth and boost ROI.​

Next, we build an offer portfolio that will ensure differentiation against competitors and drive decisions that maximize profitability. ​To successfully execute initiatives, we will arm your investments’ sales team with playbooks, joint business plans, and training. To ensure long-term success, we will equip your organization with the correct infrastructure to sustain and grow revenue management improvements.

The RML Approach

The RML approach creates value in your top and bottom-line through each stage of the deal lifecycle:

Buy Stage

Build Stage

Sell Stage

We Drive Value Creation Pre and Post-Deal

Before the Deal

1. Deal Generation

2. Deal Execution

After the Deal

3. Post-Deal Value Creation

4. Exit Planning

Partner Results Delivered

The RML approach to PE/VC generates consistent results: 

1 %
Improvement in velocity
1 %
Top-Line Business Growth
1 %
Bottom-Line Margin Gain


What is Price Segmentation

Price segmentation is a pricing strategy that involves setting different prices for the same product or service to distinct market segments based on customers’ ability and willingness-to-pay. This strategy has been proven to increase revenue and profitability.

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Preparing your Business for a Recession

Recessions are inevitable and difficult diagnose, let alone predict. It’s best to prepare for a recession when you are not in the midst of it. We provide a guide to how to prepare your pricing strategy for a recession.

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