Discount Management
& Trade Optimization

Price reductions are an excellent way to create new customers and keep your current ones engaged. Promotion and discount pricing are two of the best reduction strategies you can employ.


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Our Approach

Discount Management

Develop and deploy a structured framework to manage discounts, bids, promotions and ROI.

Questions this Answers:

  • How do discounts and promotions impact my business?
  • What discounts and promotions should be offered? When?
  • At what price should we bid?
Discount Optimization

Use analytics to find the optimal set of highly effective discounts to drive ROI and volume.

Questions this Answers:

  • What are the optimal discounts and promotions that maximize ROI?
  • What will happen when simulating promotions and discounts?
Margin Pool Management

Develop a systematic process and framework to improve your share of the revenue in the total value chain.

Questions this Answers:

  • How do we properly motivate channel partners?
  • What channel programs will support our organizational goals?

Promotion Pricing

Promotion pricing is a short-term approach with long-term goals that involves lowering prices for a limited time. With this strategy, there's a ticking clock that creates a sense of urgency in the buyer. A timed offer also acts as an incentive that removes the barriers to purchase for customers who are more reserved in their spending habits.

Sales promotions take many forms. Some of the more popular strategies include rewards programs, special offers and coupons. The best option for your application will vary, but all offer significant advantages like:

  • Boosting sales volume.
  • Generating more revenue.
  • Improving customer loyalty.
  • Creating a sense of scarcity.
  • Increasing inventory turnover.
  • Gaining increased market share.
  • Changing customer value perception.


Discount Pricing

Discount pricing is another way to help turn potential leads into purchasing customers. A discount may be temporary or an offer that's always valid if purchases meet specific requirements. Common examples include offering discounts for loyal customers, seasonal pricing events, volume discounts and reducing prices on products that are losing market momentum.

Running a discount on goods and services can help you attract new customers, gain press and engage with your existing customer base, helping reignite chilled relationships with your brand. Some of the best reasons to use discount pricing strategies include:

  • Improving cash flow.
  • Easing inventory pressures.
  • Advancing into new markets.
  • Dealing with competitive threats.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.


Combining Promotion and Discount Pricing Strategies

Effective promotion and discount management are essential to balance customer perception and company profits. If you offer discounts too often, run overly short promotions or let certain campaigns go on too long, it can weaken your relationships with buyers and make it challenging to close sales at regular prices.

In most cases, businesses will use a combination of discount and promotion pricing strategies, employing them at staggered intervals to receive the maximum benefits and avoid potential pitfalls. A combined approach is more capable of preserving product and service value. What's more, using both strategies helps you accomplish targeted company goals.


Partners for Growth

At Revenue Management Labs, we are an experienced team of revenue-growth consultants dedicated to helping our clients boost revenue and gain sustainable market share. Our firm will help you determine which pricing and discounting methods will provide you with the most significant long-term return.

The approach we take includes using innovative methods and advanced industry technologies. Our experts will use these tools, plus our skill and expertise, to assess how your business can best use promotion and discount pricing to the greatest benefit while meeting all your needs.


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With discount management and optimization services from Revenue Management Labs, you receive more than a team of expert consultants. You get a partner committed to helping you generate sustainable growth and measurable success.

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