Trade Promotion Management & Optimization


of Trade Promotion solutions fail to meet revenue objectives within 3 years

Why Trade Promotion Management & Optimization Always Fail

Internal Pushback

Lack of cross-functional buy-in across departments​


Solutions do not fit with business processes


Insights do not translate into implementable actions


Vendors do not address your unique needs

You Need Trade Promotion Management & Optimization:


Trade spend has increased 3x in the last 20 years with no corresponding lift in category volume​​


Retailers are increasing promotions at an average rate of 12% annually without adequate returns


Sales teams are recycling promotion plans even though 59% of promotions lose money​​

Trade Promotion Management & Optimization Should:

Provide A Clear View On ROI

Optimize Trade Spend

Increase Productivity And Efficiency

Improve Forecasting Ability

Align Internal Objectives

How We Close The Gap

Revenue Management Labs puts your business first in Trade Promotion Management & Optimization by following these 7 steps:

*Prior to Software Purchase

The RML Difference
Revenue Management Labs helps fit trade promotion software to your business, not vice versa:


We create a functional process that aligns with your unique business needs


We integrate with your team to align cross-functional goals


We help you realize and validate the ROI on your investment

Remember That 92% Of Trade Promotions Fail. Let Us Help You Be The 8% That Succeed. Reach Out Today To Learn More About RML’s Trade Promotion Implementation & Optimization Services!

Remember That 92% Of Trade Promotions Fail. Let Us Help You Be The 8% That Succeed.